Design Policy

We promise that your designs will never be shared or used for anything other than your orders. The Customer retains ownership of all material published to MoStickers’ website by the Customer.
You are solely responsible for the graphic quality of the designs you upload to MoStickers’ website or email to us.
You are responsible for the placement of all artworks and language added to the product, and it is your obligation to double-check the placement before verifying your order.
We have made every attempt to display the typography, images, and artworks in our design tool as accurately as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that your computer monitor’s color display and resolution will be accurate.
You must have the right to use a design in order to upload it to MoStickers’ website. If you’re not sure about a design from a third party, double-check the design’s status and whether or not it’s copyrighted. If in doubt, do not post the design to MoStickers to prevent any legal issues with the design’s legitimate owner. Please keep in mind that using well-known brands and labels without permission is a violation of the respective owners’ rights.
You represent and warrant to MoStickers that you have the required rights, including but not limited to trademark, copyright, privacy rights, and publicity rights, to use the content or design without infringing on any third party’s rights. MoStickers reserves the right to refuse to print any designs or material you provide in its sole discretion. MoStickers, on the other hand, is under no obligation to review any of your designs.
MoStickers will not be held responsible if any of these rights are violated. Any abuse of third-party designs, photos, or anything else that you do not have the right to print or use will be held completely responsible by you.
To the extent that such claims relate to your use of MoStickers’s website and service, you agree to indemnify and release MoStickers from all liability for claims pertaining to the alleged or actual infringement of any third-party rights or any legislation.
You are solely responsible for any artwork or language added to the design tool, and MoStickers will not be held liable if you breach the Terms of Service at any point. Any of your entries are not required to be reviewed by MoStickers. We reserve the right, however, to undertake a special review for racist, politically and individually discriminatory text content and to reject the product order as a result.
Our product prices are subject to change at any time. We retain the right to change or cancel the Service (or any element or content of it) at any time and without notice. Any modification, pricing change, suspension, or discontinuance of the Service will not be liable to you or any third party.